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     Small Independent Labels   exceptional fabrics       attention to detail    subtle color
pops of metal    Attitude    drapery/movement    uneven hemlines.  hand dyes    Eco yarns    
 creativity                  premium down             artisan         nature    

                                                 market calendar 2014

Please book an appointment and LIKE us on FaceBook     Broadhurst Showroom/Chicago 
                                                  We LIKE our customers!!

CHICAGO, IL Kinzie Street Showrooms, 400 N Wells St FIRST FLOOR
Stylemax August 8-11
ST PAUL, MN RIVER CENTER, 175 Kellogg Blvd
Northstar Fashion August 24,25,26

Fashion Frenzy September 4-5

LIVONIA (DETROIT), MI Embassy Suites, suite 347
Metro Michigan Women's Wear September 7-8

Chicago, IL Kinzie Street Showrooms, 400 N Wells St First Floor
Stylemax October 17-20

St Paul, MN River Center
Northstar Fashion Exhibitors October 26-28

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